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If you are ordering a print and would like to add a copy,  there is currently a special offer to add one to your buggy click here

This print is handmade to order. We take time to carefully edit your child/baby's handprint, the end result is your very own bespoke design.

No two illustrations are the same, your artwork is epecially for you.


You will always receive a preview via email before we go ahead and lovingly create your little print.


Please follow our step-by-step easy upload process for more details.


If you place an order and you would like copies, please select from the drop down menu & wait to hear from us.

We will send a separate invoice directly to you and this will be calculated based on where you would like the copies sent and if you would like them framed!

Copies are always cheaper than the original artwork but we won't go ahead with copies until we have had confirmation from you.


You can add to the collection with a footprint design too - take a look at our Footprint section for inspiration!


If you would like to know about any offers, please subscribe to our mailing list.


Thank You to the Moon & Back!


PriceFrom £40.00
  • You will be required to upload your child's/children's print(s) to our uploads section after ordering.
    This print will then be edited for your illustration & a proof will be sent to you before foiling takes place.

    Please see the HOW TO section on our website for a detailed step-by-step process.

  • Please avoid placing in direct sunlight.