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  • I'd like to order a bespoke print, how do I upload my baby/child's/pet's handprint/footprint/paw print?
    We have our uploads section on the left hand side of our page (in the header section) Please click on this link & follow the instructions after you have ordered your print(s). Please note, if you can upload your print(s) using a scanner, this ensures they are true to size when we receive them our end but if you're unable to, please let us know the measurements in cm or mm and take a photo instead.
  • I'd love a pet print, how do I capture my pet's paw print?
    For those of you who are pet patents, you can use pet safe inkless wipes! We are currently in the process of organising our own pet safe ink kits but these unfortunately are not available right now. You can however search for them online, there are plenty of options!
  • When is the best time to get my baby's handprint? I need tips!
    If your baby is a good sleeper(!) and you can do it without disturbing them, then this is an ideal time as they are relaxed, however we wouldn’t want this to spoil your 5 minutes peace and we know you get very little time to yourself so plan it wisely & do it when you don’t mind if they wake up!
 Failing that, if this doesn’t work ….

You’re going to need two of you - one to hold the baby and the other to place the hand or foot on the page. At events, we can do this really easily so it doesn’t have to feel overwhelming.
 Pet safe ink is also available for those of you who are pet parents! Again, if they’re sleeping, you’ve got more chance!

  • I'm struggling to get the perfect print, can you help?
    I really do understand, those tiny little hands are not easy to lay flat against a piece of paper (footprints seem easier to capture!) but you’ve got your heart set on a design which requires a handprint and it honestly can be done!

 You really don’t need to worry - I take all the best bits to make your baby’s artwork as close to perfect as possible - I don’t take anything else away. The end result will be your favourite print, minus any little smudges.

  • Do you attend any events where you can help me to capture my child or baby's print?
    Yes! I am an independent business and there's only myself on the team at present. I'm based in Maidenhead, Berkshire and I try to book in events throughout the year. If you would like to know if I'm near you soon, please send me a note!
  • Would you be able to come to me to help me with my baby's/pet's print?
    I have been known to attend a Print Party! If you have at least 6 friends & you're local to the Maidenhead, Berkshire area, I'd be happy to discuss this with you - please send an email or note & I will get back to you!
  • I have paint, can I use this instead of inkless wipes or an ink pad?
    Child safe paint is completely fine to use. Please bear in mind most paint isn’t suitable for newborns so be sure to read the small print but the older ones love capturing their prints this way (& also love getting involved choosing their design!)
  • What are inkless wipes?
    Inkless wipes cause no mess and require you using the coated paper provided, the print will develop over time and you can scan these over as normal or take a photo and upload them. All you do is take the wipe and cover your child’s hand/foot thoroughly. A lot of baby’s like the feel of this and it can be a relaxed way to capture a print.
  • Do you sell inkless wipes or ink pads?
    We are currently in the process of providing inkless kits but at present these are not available. You can search for these online, there are plenty of options!
  • What do you use to capture prints at events?
    We personally use an ink pad, you can use any paper with this which is great for us at events as there tends to be lots of little prints to capture! We find the best way is getting the hand fully covered with ink. Ensure you position those little fingers on the pad spread apart, when you’re approaching the paper, keep the baby’s hand in contact with the pad, slide the ink pad out from underneath as the baby’s hand is nearly touching the paper and you will hopefully get a print! It doesn’t always happen first time but remember I can take bits of each print and merge them if you really struggle.
  • Can I order copies for family members or friends?
    Yes absolutely. If you would like to gift to Grandparents, a Godparent or someone to cheer them up, we can create more! This option is available after you have placed your order too. Copies are always discounted & are not the same price as ordering the original artwork. You can choose your copy framed or unframed and the text can be changed at no extra cost. Please add any different text when selecting this option during checkout and also inform us if you would like a different foil choice. We will invoice you separately, this is calculated based on whether you would like the copies sent directly to you or on to someone else, or if you would like them framed on unframed!
  • Can I see the design before you artwork and/or handfoil it?
    Yes! You will receive a draft to the email you provided when placing your order. We wait to hear from you before we start the next process, to make sure you love it! Please check the spelling at this point as mistakes made by yourself cannot be sent back to us for a refund.
  • What age do you go up to?
    We go up to all ages! Grandparent's have ended up being monkeys, along with the parents too. Please note we only go up to A4 size when it comes to foiled prints so bare this in mind if you'd like the prints to be true to size!
  • I'm not sure if all the prints will fit on A4, can you let me know?
    Of course! If you would like to send us an email to, along with your prints, I can let you know the options I think would work for you! You can also SEND US A NOTE and upload files to us that way.
  • Do you have a discount code?
    Any offers that are currently running will be emailed to you via our subscription mailing list. Please add yourself to this to take advantage of any little treats!
  • I don't have a scanner, can I send you a photo of my print?
    Yes! We ask you to scan them in if you can but this is only to ensure they're true to size. You can take a photo of the print instead, please just let us know the measurements in cm or mm when uploading.
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