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If you are ordering a print and would like to add a copy,  there is currently a special offer to add one to your buggy click here

Unsure what to use to capture your baby's prints?

We can send you a complete kit to help you every step of the way!


Inkless Wipe Kits include a Tiger Moon Creative™ measuring guide, full instructions to upload your print(s), an inkless wipe & two special sheets of coated card which reacts with your baby's print and develops over a few minutes. Remember, it's inkless so there's no mess!
Suitable from birth.


If you'd like to see full instructions, please follow this link.

For detailed inkless wipe information, you can read the risk assessment here.


FREE delivery ordered on its own or with an order.
This will be sent to you before your order, to help you capture your baby's prints first.
If you do not require a Gift Voucher, this kit will be sent without a box.

Inkless Wipe Kit

PriceFrom £10.00